Dive Training Courses

The PADI Open Water Course in Pattaya typically takes 4 days to complete and can be staged around your holiday commitments. No experience is necessary as our professional PADI Instructors will teach you all about diving. On completion of this course, you will be certified to dive to 18m anywhere in the world with a dive buddy. Mermaids Dive Center will collect you from your local Pattaya or Jomtien Hotel between 8.00am and 8.15am each day and return you when the class is finished for the day. Another option available to you is to sign up for PADI E Learning. This option enables you to complete the knowledge development online at your own pace and just do the pool and ocean water segments with us.

Try Scuba Now!

Fun Dive Today. NO Experience or Swimming Skills Necessary! Try the PADI Discover Scuba Diving one day experience program. The "DSD" - Discover Scuba Diving involves a fun introduction to scuba equipment, diving underwater and two dives on the stunning reefs that we have here in Pattaya. The DSD promises you all the fun of diving the underwater world without taking a dive course. Your Professional PADI Instructor will introduce you to the basic skills of diving followed by an exciting tour of the coral reefs. We will collect you from a local Pattaya hotel between 8.00am and 8.15am and bring you to our Main Operations Center in Jomtien. On arrival, you will meet your personal PADI Instructor and complete the DSD registration details. Your I ...

Pattaya Wreck Diving

Pattaya and Samae San Have 4 Amazing Ship Wrecks Top of the list of diving trips in Pattaya and Samae San has got to be the 4 superb shipwrecks. The HTMS Khram, her sister ship the HTMS Khut and the Matapon, a decommissioned warship were sunk by the Royal Thai Navy as artificial reefs in the Pattaya area. The Hardeep, located in the Same San area is a 60 meter long cargo ship sunk during the World War II. This ship can be penetrated from bow to stern by divers with appropriate training. Mermaids Dive Center dives the Hardeep wreck and the surrounding islands on a daily basis. All wrecks are ideal for continuing your dive training with the PADI Advanced Open Water wreck segment or the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty. The Petchburi Bremen i ...

Snorkeling Trips

Snorkeling in Pattaya is fun Join us on the boat for a fun filled snorkeling day. We will collect you from your Pattaya or Jomtien Hotel between 8.00am and 8.15am and transfer you to Mermaids Main Operations Center in Jomtien. On arrival at the center, you will have an equipment fitting to ensure that your mask, snorkel and fins fit you comfortably for your snorkeling activities. When you are ready to leave, we will depart for the pier in our luxury minibuses and transfer you to one of our four tour boats. Once on board, you will be given a detailed orientation of the boat facilities by our professional Boatmaster. Sit back and relax during the trip to the Coral Islands. Once we arrive at the Islands, our Boatmaster will give a briefing ...

Diving and Snorkeling Trips in Pattaya

Pattaya Scuba Diving, Dive Training Courses, Snorkeling and Day Trips to wrecks and coral islands with Mermaids Dive Center – PADI 5 Star Career Development Center. All-inclusive daily trips from 1000 baht!

Do you want to experience scuba diving for the first time? If you are not a certified diver or never tried diving before sign up for our “Discover Scuba Diving!” program.

You do not need swimming skills to complete this experience. All Discover Scuba Diving programs are conducted by Professional PADI Instructors righ on our dive boats.
The islands include Koh Rin with the Pinnacles of North and South Rock either side. Diving at Koh Man Wichai to experience the stunning coral wall with the resident marine life. There are about 20 dive sites in this area and Mermaids Dive Center gives you the opportunity to explore them all.

See the abundance of soft and hard corals, Batfish, Moray Eels, Jacks, Trevallys and Barracudas. These can be seen on most dive sites along with Blue Spotted Stingrays, Turtles, Puffer Fish and Moray Eels.

The HTMS Khram wreck was sunk by the Royal Thai Navy in 2003 as an artificial reef. Located at 30m, this wreck is perfect for penetration through the engine room. The shoals of fish will leave you breathless as well as the sheer multitude of hard and soft corals. HTMS Khut and Matapon joined the Khram to offer premium wreck diving in this area.

Located in Samae San, The "Hardeep" is a WW2 Thai Steamship wreck sunk at 28m. This cargo ship is 60m long and can be penetrated from bow to stern. The Hardeep offers the best wreck experience in the local area and is on Mermaids dive schedule every day.

Pattaya Scuba Diving Trip Schedule

After being picked up in the morning by one of our distinctive Mermaids vehicles, you will be brought to our Operations Center in Jomtien, Pattaya, where you will be personally equipped with a full set of scuba diving or snorkeling equipment. All rental equipment offered by Mermaids are current models by recognized leaders in the dive manufacturing industry such as Aqualung, Scubapro and Apeks.

After your personal fitting, we transfer you to the Bali Hai pier in Pattaya or the Warasin Pier in Samae San. You will board one of our 4 comfortable boats, all of which are fully equipped with Oxygen and safety equipment. Scuba PattayaMermaids boats have plenty of relaxation areas, wet and dry decks, toilets and showers.

Bring the sun block along and take advantage of the sun decks on our 2 larger boats.

After an introduction to your dive team for the day, an orientation of the boat will take place to familiarize yourself with the facilities on board. Our dive team will assist in setting up your equipment and then its time for you to relax on the trip out to the first dive site.

Before you jump in the water, you will be given a detailed tour brief from your Boatmaster on the dive site. Your professional dive guide will accompany you on the dive and show you the local marine life.

After your first dive it's time to relax over a delicious, freshly cooked lunch, which is included in your price. Vegetarian options are available on request. During this surface interval, this is a great time to compare notes on your dives and identify the marine life you have seen.

After lunch and relaxation, its time to move on for your second dive. We at Mermaids make it our priority to ensure you experience as many of our local dive sites possible on your trip. Once again, our Boatmaster will give you a detailed briefing on the new site and your dive guide will help you to enjoy your second dive with sightings of more marine life.

Once all divers and snorkelers have returned to the boat, it's time to relax over a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. We will depart to the pier where our air conditioned minibuses will be waiting to return you to Mermaids Dive Center. You will be able to stamp your log book and browse the latest dive equipment in our well stocked shop. When you are ready to go, we will take you back to your hotel.

This is a great way for you to spend a day out on the boat with family, friends or meeting new dive buddies.

Pattaya Far Islands or Samaesan

Day Trip Prices

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Trips Price
Passenger or snorkeler 1,000
2 dives including all equipment 3,000
2 dives with your own equipment 2,500
Try Diving Now! (2 dives w/Instructor) 3,600
Night Dive (including afternoon dive) 3,000
DPV (underwater scooter) hire 1,500
Enriched Air Nitrox (per tank) 300
Digital Underwater camera hire per day 500
Dive Computer rental per day 500
  • Day Trips include: transfer to the boat, hot meals and water on the boat, full set of scuba equipment, tanks, weights, dive guide, hotel pickup and drop off.
  • Not included: nitrox, dive computer, compass, torch
  • We will collect you free of charge between 8:00am - 8:15am from the Pattaya and Jomtien.
  • We will return you to your hotel between 4.00pm and 5:00 pm.
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